Vilém Procházka

What can I do for you?

I’m an entrepreneur.

I co-founded KangoGift, an employee social recognition and spot award internet startup cooperating with well known companies like IBM, Honda or Monster. Working with clients across industries I gained a unique insight into business strategy and management. I can help you create the perfect business plan for your startup.

I’m a product manager.

The majority of features in the core KangoGift platform were designed by me and were well received and enjoyed by clients. My main philosophy is simplicity. Corporate apps should be designed like B2C - with the user in mind. I can help you make your product intuitive and a joy to use.

I’m a developer.

I am a skilled full-stack web developer. My platforms of choice are C# and PHP. Knowledge of frontend (HTML/JavaScript/CSS) and database development (SQL Server, MySQL) are taken for granted. I’m also proficient with a selection of popular web systems like Wordpress and Prestashop. I can help you build your product or consult on technology.

I know people.

Be it graphic designers, translators, e-shop administrators, marketers or copywriters I can help you assemble and manage the team of clever individuals that fit the needs of your project.

Find more info on my LinkedIn profile.